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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Part two of a yummy Heston Blumental bbq trial

Well what a meaty day. The weather today hasn't been perfect for bbq's but in the English tradition of 'Carry and Keep the Briquettes Alight' I did just that.

The Heston Blumental meaty hazelwood smoked beefy back ribs (something I had never tried to cook before) were just sublime. As a certain French telly chef says "Melting, juuuust melting". Merci M. Raymond Blanc and your Gallic enthusiasms. I'm sure if you had tasted my attempt at 'Eston's meaty beef ribs' you would be absolument d'accord avec ca. Just another simple salad to go with it. Mostly tomatoes and finely sliced baby carrots with some greenery. Given that I had purchased so much the other day the ribs had to be frozen and it took about two hours to defrost them. I made an instinctive decision to discard all the accompanying creamy fat that was in the very aromatically perfumed bag containing the rack of short cut beef ribs. The instructions for cooking were to place the ribs on a baking tray and fat didn't seem to have any place in that. Oven fire? I think not!

After you have read this post check out Heston's Ultimate Barbeque to try out yourself.

It was suggested that the rack of beef ribs (enough for two I would say) was put on a middle tray in the centre of the oven at gas mark 5 or 190 degrees C for between 20-25 minutes. This I did and in the latter part of the cooking added the 'drizzle' for the last five minutes. Then I put them on the bbq for ten minutes more to brown off and sizzle. I could hardly contain myself! The smoke turned bluey grey and my mouth very moist. But back indoors I had to go.

I was in the middle of a theatre writing project as this was cooking and it smelt absolutely wonderful. A very rich, almost oxtail depth of aroma and colouring. Heston's beef back ribs are brined and flavoured with an aromatic Mesquite rub and smoked over hazelwood. The afore-mentioned 'drizzle' is a flavourful tangy bbq sauce. The meat for the beef ribs comes from a long established group of carefully selected British beef farmers and suppliers who share Waitroses' values commitment to delivering the highest animal welfare standards. These groups/farmers are also delivering high quality beef, expertly prepared and matured for tenderness from prime cattle with a consideration to protect the environment and promote sustainable farming.

Later in the day and much theatrical writing ( I cooked off two of Heston's Ultimate beef burgers. Heston says that "My extensive experiments had shown that the ultimate burger is made with a blend of three different cuts of beef minced in such a way that the strands of the mince lie in the same direction before slicing into burgers." He recommends you cook them between ten and fourteen minutes. In cooking them myself I did notice that they were quite bloody so needed cooking well if you are not so keen on burgers that 'moo'. Like the lamb and cucumber burgers they ended up very moist and tasty.

I did mine to accompany a Waitrose stir fry mix with a Waitrose Sweet and Fragrant Thai Stir Fry Sauce. Less boring than an a cob or two with ketchup. The stir fry sauce was delicate and creamy, perfect to go with the burgers.

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