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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Barbequed English Lamb Chops with new potatoes, garlic mushrooms and a sauce Robert - Heston style

After a busy day selling meat and fish what better than to finish the day (and after a long hot bus journey home) with a glass or two of chilled white wine and some simply barbequed lamb loin chops, new potatoes in mint and mushrooms with garlic and a savoury mix plus a Heston Blumental Beef and Dijon Mustard Sauce. Beef sauce with lamb???! I know. But this Waitrose promoted fine sauce based on a Robert sauce recipe worked extremely well. Dare I say it - even better than the classical mint sauce accompaniment. Just a shame I forgot to take photos of the last stage!!!!!! Meaning with the sauce!

After you have read this post check out Heston's Ultimate Barbeque for some great ideas to try yourself.

This is the last of three blog posts where I have had the chance to be a little experimental with Heston recipes/products and all three days have made me think slightly 'out of the grill pan' in terms of taste and preparation. And great fun it has been. My new neighbour Georgina came down out communal path sniffing the delicious smoky air as the chops were cooking and said "Wow that really smells fantastic!" Enough said.

Hungry??? I was salivating by this point.

Just missing the  Heston Blumental Beef and Dijon Mustard Sauce - originally known as sauce Robert. Heston's version has been brought bang up to date with the addition of kombu for a wonderful savoury meatiness,

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