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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Yes Mum Fish and Chip shop in Bordeaux, France.

Well, I promised in my introductory blog post about my forthcoming foodie trip to Bordeaux that I would do my best to find Bordeaux's only Fish and Chip shop – the quaintly named 'Yes Mum'. I would say that I had almost given up when it found me late one afternoon. I was happily browsing around the main road of cours d'Alsace et Lorraine when I took a right turn by the imposing Grande Cloche historic gate on to the busy artists quarter and place Fernand - LaFargue.

Soudainement, there I was outside the 'Yes Mum' Fish and Chip shop at No2 with its elegant slate grey frontage and awning. All along I made an assumption that it was owned by a British ex pat couple. On popping in to say hello I quickly found out from the friendly bearded proprietor Sébastien Bonet that he was French. The place was closing after the lunch time trade so no Fish and Chips for me. He said that they get customers from all nations after their Fish and Chips not just the British. According to another website he also owns the Pharmacie de Garde and Pie Colette and may be opening another chippie soon based on the popularity of this one.

These following, very positive, slightly edited reviews from Trip Advisor, are testament to how well this establishment is received by French people. I have chosen the most positive and used the Google Translator to change the original French to English. I too have chosen to leave in some of the oddities that one gets from Google Translator in terms of not quite a perfect French/English translation. Overall my intention is to convey the love that the French customers have for our national dish and its re-creation in Bordeaux. None of them mention salt and vinegar on top but it seems they do offer this and also tartar and HP brown sauce.

pigeons and friend on place Fernand - LaFarge

The quotes

'Fresh Fish and Chips and lovely mushy peas – great value. If I lived in Bordeaux I would go at least once a week. These kind of gems are few and far between.'

'Great Food, great music, great place in a ultra hip square where all the cool locals hang out with the musicians, the artists, the hipsters and the pigeons.'

'Un vrai Fish and Chips bon, sans prétention. A true Fish and Chips without pretension'

'A very nice little place on the place Fernand - LaFargue. A real fish and chips, good, unpretentious at the junction between restaurant and fast food. The fish and chips are well done as are the chicken and chips, all served in cones. They have burgers much better than others.'

'It is not easy to prepare good fish and chips and this (rather modest) restaurant succeeded. Fish is well prepared not too greasy and the fries are home made. The location is very good for a quick meal especially in summer. It is not haute cuisine but very correct.'

'Here's a great Fish and Chips. I have had fish and chips that was dry and limp. Not here. I come on business to Bordeaux and I thought I must try it and in doing so I was reconciled with this great mythical English dish. And what of the mashed peas We must talk! She is gorgeous! Next time I demand extra mashed peas! It's just as good.'

'Very pleasant discovery this Fish and Chips, besides being good, generous, original and really affordable for the price. What are more valuable are the fresh products. The fish can be different every day depending on the catch of the day. The threads are cut and collected on site. The fries are home-made and delicious. In short – if you like good food with good products this is your place!'

'Small restaurant/snack nice. Ideal location but not on summer evening. The terrace was stormed and we must wait to be seated. The fish and chips is good but maybe too plentiful. The version with just one fish fillet (7 €) would have been more than enough. I took two servings (9.50€) and did not finish. The prices are very decent. But if you pick a restaurant to dietary and light cuisine – please go your way. For my part I certainly resell!!'

Well, for my part I might even resell my own Mum to take a trip back to Bordeaux and sample Sébastien Bonet's clearly very tasty fish and chips chez Yes Mum! They sound scrummy. Bring on the mushed peas!

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