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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Two types of roast chicken for lunch.

It must be nearly summer.
Tonight I made use of two chicken meat ingredients and cooked them in different ways to enjoy together with some simple tomatoes, olives and two types of soft cheese. I can't pretend that I planned it all in advance. Really it just sort of came together by chance. First of all I noticed the chicken wings on a reduction at the local Co-op store and for under £1.50 I bought the packet of about ten wings.

First of all I sprinkled them with just a light dusting of Santo Domingo Pimenton de la Vera (M&S for £2) added some lemon zest and cooked them in sunflower oil for an hour and a half at gas mark 6. For the last half an hour I added some slivers of chorizo for taste and colour.

The with two hungry cats dodging about and hoping for a little Sunday afternoon treat I went out and purchased a whole chicken and boned the breasts and legs (tying the legs together to make a small compact joint). The cats got treated to a couple of tiny bits of raw chicken breasts. Then I put these in an oven- proof dish and saturated them in fresh lemon juice and gave all of the meat a good sprinkling of ground black pepper. The spare chicken wings got added to the other chicken based dish.

Both of the chicken dishes cooked for about an hour and a half at gas mark six with a couple of basting opportunities made use of to keep the cooking chicken moist.

Rosemary from the garden just for decoration purposes

For a simple supper I set the chicken on a plate with mixed olives, basil leaves, sliced tomatoes, French Brie and Le Rustique Camembert.

Daisy the plastic cow looked on in admiration during the whole process and my neighbours Jo and Georgina enjoyed a chicken treat this evening too. The pimento/paprika purchase was well worth it for the most sublime taste of Spanish cooking.

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