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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Goodbye Bordeaux and hello to the world of food.

I don't think my ten previous informative, and I hope 'witty', blog posts about Bordeaux food are the end of my trip and my interests in the French way of eating, far from it. Whilst I have written about all of my meals out in Bordeaux and of the markets and some food shops there are still plenty of subjects for me to continue writing about on this exciting personal journey through food.

I don't mean just in Bordeaux of course, but through future trips to Europe/France and through research and sharing my experiences and interests through blogging and other publications. I have several in mind already and have been cooking some new dishes for myself whilst being engaged in creating ideas for new blog posts for you to enjoy. The kitchen has been alive with the smells and sounds of merguez lamb meat sausages frying and reluctant English chickens being stuffed Provence style! Harris the cat is now in a chorizo addicts home for wacky cats.

I want to copy you all in on something I wrote for my personal facebook page about my eight week sabbatical that was meant to encourage me to follow my writing dreams. Here it is. It is meant to be a summary of all that I have done. Invariably I will have accidentally omitted something or other along the way. C'est la vie.

Well, this is my last day of my eight week sabbatical and I'm looking back with great pride in all the writing projects that I've achieved over that period. Most of these projects weren't planned except for a few theatre reviews and a London event already in the diary. I have done my best to fulfil my hopes of improving my already good writing and making new and exciting contacts in the worlds of professional theatre and continental foods. I like to be diverse.

Because I have been free of my day job and free at the weekends I have been able to attend events that I would never get the chance to. Equally my freedom to write in the daytime without dashing off to work at 6.30am has meant that I have been able to engage myself totally in the writing be it a theatre review or a food blog post. The improvement has been noticed by those that matter and certainly by me. It has been fun work.

In total, during this sabbatical, I have written 21 food blog posts and 22 theatre reviews, been to London to review a graduate show there; Leicester to attend a series of New Theatre Writing events and Bordeaux to learn all about charcuterie and French butchery styles.

On top of this I have written a big interview I undertook with a top well known playwright, Mike Kenny, for Sardines magazine. Lastly (I think - I may well have missed something) I have entered a competition to be able to be a theatre critic for The Stage newspaper. Was it all worth it? Of course. Many thanks to Tesco for the opportunity and many thanks to all my supporters for your encouragement.” My blogs are Mugofstrongtea and Phil Lowe Actor and Theatre Writer

Phil Lowe

As well as all the blog writing I have written a REVIEW for my hotel, the Best Western,  in Bordeaux which comes under a childhood nick name of mine – Figgy.

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The next blog post will a review of the fabulous new Rachel Khoo DVD which I  totally loved watching last week and am sure I will be watching again and again. Although the title is in German it is perfectly possible to watch in English. I will explain, in the next blog a very simple way of doing that!

Finally, the observant amongst you will have noticed that there are now links to Waitrose and Waterstones online services on my blog. Do enjoy the shopping facilities on these links if you choose. Must fly - food to cook!

Phil Lowe

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