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Monday, 8 June 2015

Trying out Rachel Khoo's yummy Provencal style chicken.

Yesterday, inspired by Rachel Khoo's new DVD I stuffed the breasts of a whole chicken with a mix of roast peppers and roast leeks (cooled off and chopped finely) and finely chopped black olives. Pre-cooking, I rested the bird on an arrangement of chunks of cooking onions and fennel after rubbing the whole chicken over with French salted butter. I was broadly following her Provence style recipe (pages 104 and 105 of Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook) and Rachel recommends keeping the skin intact when sliding the stuffing right the way under the breast skin.

See Rachel Khoo link above for my review of her new DVD
Covering the bird over with silver foil I roasted it in my oven on gas mark 6 for ninety minutes, removing the foil for the last half hour. Then I basted the cooking chicken with the delicious smelling juices formed from the melted butter and now cooked onion and fennel trivet. Lastly I threw in a few slices of chorizo simply because I like it so much!

I let the cooked chicken rest for ten minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the most tender and most moist chicken I believe I have ever cooked! I will definitely be cooking that style again! That stuffing mix was to die for!

To go with the chicken I steamed some fresh asparagus and ate it with that and the cooked onions and fennel.

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