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Monday, 27 July 2015

Braving the depths of the freezer.

A cat (Mr Harris) sitting next to my laptop is not always conducive to writing as he likes to soak up the tiny amount of heat from the laptop engine and he occasionally walks across teh key borad the key board. This action can cause porbelms pawblems problems as he has no idea how to type. If he did I would simply dictate to him as if he were a talented feline typist. He would be especially good at the words food, snooze, fuss, purr and scratch.

"But I like it here! It's cosy!"

So cute cat aside and he is indeed aside me as I type. For something to occupy myself today, I cleared out the freezer portion of my fridge freezer. Like most people I keep on buying food and, invariably, if I make too much of something I freeze it as I don't like waste. Once in a while I will check the freezer and pull out something to defrost for my tea when I get home. A lot of the time I forget and buy something fresh. Worth checking out the always helpful LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE site.

Determined to save a bit of money and one day be able to get easily into the freezer without the aide of crampons and a team of ravenous Eskimos to help salvage the frozen food, I pulled out all the contents and wrote down what was there and took this picture.

There was a surprising amount of stuff one item even went back as far as 2013. I wouldn't have been surprised to find a portion of woolly mammoth in there! The contents were mostly in silver trays with the items and dates hand written on top for easy reference:

The contents of my freezer today.

Home made Spaghetti Bolognaise x three. April 2015

One box of cod fillets unopened.

Two uncooked chicken legs and two wings laid out like frozen fowl body parts.

One tray of home made Spag Bol with chilli. June 2014

One home made Saag curry - no date. Possibly chicken and very likely spinach.

One box of Black Forest Fruits unopened and bought on a whim in May when the sun happened to shining.

Four Co-Op pork chops wrapped separately for easy division.

One tray of mackerel fillets from Tesco.

Four six ounce beef burgers from Tesco when on a half price special offer.

One plastic container of home made courgette tian.

Small tub of chopped chives.

Two trays of kohlrabi from a time when I got a free vegetable box to sample.

Two trays of Italian bread for toasting (one day soon)

One tray of blackberries (originally picked fresh from an actual bush near a roadside) from August 2013. A very good year for blackberries and bramble cuts on my over eager fingers!

One small plastic bag of lamb sausage from the local butcher.

One remaining chocolate ice lolly. I use the word 'remaining' because I have a current obsession for ice lollies!

One unopened bag of French beans.

Well, having listed them all on a pad and now on here I now have a very accurate idea of what I have available to eat if only I make the effort to get things out to defrost! My neighbour's cat Harris has now moved to a warmer spot by the window and the key board is safe for the moment!

By the way folks the only thing I found in the freezer that I decided to throw away was a battered old ice cream carton with a dozen bits of freezer burnt chopped raw celery in.

My friend Karen just commented on this blog post on facebook. I feel I am not alone! She is so funny. Here is what she said.

“My freezer is full to bursting, mainly with lots of fresh fish I bought online (they accidentally sent me part of someone else's order too - so I struggled to fit it all in. On the plus side I got the extra free and have enough fish for months. I've also got home-made bread and cakes and ice cream in there.

When I defrosted it last month I found two packets of beef skirt I'd got from a Farmer's Market in 2013! Not wanting to waste it I added some curry sauce and cooked it in the slow cooker for hours and it was delicious. I also found several packets of venison from 2013/2014 which I still keep forgetting to use. Freezers can be both a blessing and a curse I find as I often take out meat to defrost and end up buying fresh.”

Me and Mr Harris the cat would love to hear your freezer contents experiences so please feel free to comment.

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