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Friday, 31 July 2015

Using up some of the freezer stuff

As I wrote in the last blog post I intend using up some (and eventually all) of the trays of food in my freezer compartment. So as Harris the cat laying snoozing and dreaming of birds on Tuesday I used up some Merguez lamb sausage and a tray of the spaghetti bolognaise that I had left to defrost.

The sauce was a little dry so I added a tin of Tesco Value chopped tomatoes and ended up with a mix that would actually cover a couple of meals. The fragrant sausages didn't take long to cook and instead of rice or pasta I cut into a fresh loaf of olive bread brought from the village bakery.

A little bit of fresh basil tossed on top and the meal was done and felt almost as if it were free. Just for a little sharp taste I spooned on a generous spoonful of chilli and tomato chutney. I like this saving money lark!

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