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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Seeing fish in a different light.

Not only is it a joy for me to sell fish and meat from the Beeston Extra Tesco counter but some days ordinary things take on a different hue. Take the patterns on the fish for example; this morning as I cheerfully set the fish counter up - I started to be very aware of the beautiful patterns and shapes in some of the fresh whole fish and the fillets and cut items. The more I looked the more I saw. They bordered on the visually poetic. I took a few photos so that I could share my delights with you lovely readers.

Take these blushing little stiff fresh sardines all red cheeked as if from a bracing run/swim and glum faced as they consider the frying pan they may soon have temporary residence in.

Slightly blurry headless tiger prawns (£1 each and utterly divine). All the greens of the sea, glossy as a wet day in the wave slapping harbour and showing off their creamy white flesh at the ends.

Salmon fillets or filets (dependent on how posh or genuinely French you are). Skin on - don't ya just love that crispy feel when cooked - and boneless. It is interesting and gently amusing the amount of customers who like their fish boneless. If God had a day off being his universal holiness almighty then he would help a proportion of our supermarket customers by creating Pisces Floppidus - a real live fish totally without a skeleton. Pisces Floppidus would exist as just edible fish meat and be devoid of staring eyes and gaping guilt inducing mouth. In the meantime Findus do a selection of boil in the bag products.

Smoked mackerel fillets - boneless (hurrah!!!!!) flavoursome and delightfully colourful and patterned like a Māori on Gay Pride Day. The smoky smell of them is pretty awesome too.

Love the semi circular patterns in the cut swordfish steaks that remind me of astronomical maps. I am almost expecting to read the words 'outer nebular' amongst the rings of fishy flesh. The very strong dark edging flesh and skin adds to their defining form. Do try cooking swordfish steaks as they have a very succulent flavour almost (I say - almost) as good as fresh ruby red tuna steaks. Swordfish has a distinct masculinity about its look and flavour. Love it!

Haddock fillets are on offer as I type (half price) and our  customers cannot help themselves in realising the cheapness, to buy ever more and more. It will exist in the freezer up to three months we recommend. Haddock is also a huge favourite in fish and chip shops across the country and we even have a male customer who owns a Beeston fish and chip shop and his eyes widen bigger than the river Trent on flood alert when we have such sumptuous fish at such a crazy discount. The distinctive 'go faster stripe' along the back of the fillets is almost an open invitation to stock up and happily head towards the tills to purchase your haddock trophies.

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