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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Spicy cannellini stew with St Agur cheese.

Sometimes you just want to come home from work and make something nice and easy and as the autumn leaves start to turn colour perhaps something a bit warm and spicy. Such was the case today.

Before I left home for work this morning I got a tray of beef Bolognese out of the freezer to defrost. The day passed by with an enjoyable day on the meat and fish counters at Tesco working alongside my colleague Alan. When I got home I added a tin of Tesco chopped tomatoes to the de-frosted Bolognese and then, instead of more meat, I opened a stray tin of pearly white Napolina cannellini beans (ready to use) and gave them a quick rinse under a cold water tap.

St Agur soft cheese.
Then I added the beans to the tomato and meat stew plus a teaspoon of Pimenton for a spicy Spanish flavour. I simply warmed this all through on the stove top and finished off the dish with a blob or two of left over blue St Agur cheese. No rice, no pasta - just the stew. Utterly delicious!

All the mushrooms and slices of sirloin beef were already in the Bolognese mixture that I put together way back in May 2015.

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