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Monday, 23 November 2015

Friendly cat helps write website content.

Next door's cat Mr Harris is no stranger to my house. In fact I am surprised that he isn't scratching at my front door right now. He always seems to have an uncanny knack of knowing at which point I am the most busy and don't really need him to walk across the keyboard on my laptop or try to place his furry head on the caps lock button or press control alt delete with his dexterous paws.

Here he is warming his cat bum by the laptop engine. Mr Harris gets so thrilled to be by my side that he is prone to dribbling too. The feline saliva usually threatens to drip somewhere in the gaps between QWERTY and ASFGH. I have to keep moving his head away from the keys. At this point he thinks I am fussing him so he dribbles and purrs so much that the cat dribble goes even further, like in my cup of tea.

As the observant among you may have noticed I have a wall chart in my small kitchen now. This is so I can keep track of the increasing amount of theatre and show reviewing opportunities that are coming my way. To take my original theatre blog up to an even more professional level I have developed a theatre website through WordPress. It has been created so that I can promote theatre going throughout the East Midlands and is proving a hit. It has been a labour of love and I am more than a little obsessed by it. Here it is

I am still working full time at Tesco but I am hoping that the new website will lead to more paid writing opportunities in 2016 and arts sponsorship to enable me to seriously consider writing about theatre full-time.

I have been making big meals so I can just warm up a stew or curry for tea and I came up with a way to make Peshwari naan bread even sweeter than it normally is. I would normally place the bread in tin foil and warm through in the oven for about ten minutes before eating. Last Thursday night however I got inspired to drizzle the breads pre oven with Lyle's Golden Syrup and chuck on a few fresh pomegranate seeds as they came steaming out of the oven. Delicious!

Ah! I hear Mr Harris scratching at the door. I'll just tidy up the office kitchen side before he comes in. "Coming Mr Harris!"

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