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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Magic in my neighbour' s garden and chocolate spag bol.

As my back is nearly healed thanks to rest, massage, pain killers and the strong but gentle (ish) manipulations of the local osteopath I am returning to work soon after a week off. It has been an interesting time. On October 15th I decided to create a theatre website on the back of nearly three years worth of theatre reviewing and a wish to look at developing my theatre promotions and theatre writing even more professionally. For those of you who have an interest in such matters it is

Sitting propped up aided by multiple cushions on my settee I have been able to occupy my time with creating copy to promote certain events and plays in the East Midlands region. Harris the cat was very sweet but not overly helpful in insisting on plonking his furriness on my lap. He likes the warmth and regular fussing. There isn't really room for a cat and a laptop on my lap never mind when I can hardly move or twist but somehow we endured.

On my return from the osteopath this lunchtime I noticed some nice things that looked quite magical in my neighbour's garden. Firstly (she is a talented florist) the heart shaped and very colourful floral heart on her house wall and secondly droplets of water on some lily type plants in her cottage garden. All very lovely and cheery. Just what I needed on this grey day.

This evening I have made a yummy spag bol and added eight small cubes of plain dark chocolate into the final cook through. I love spag bol but can't stop eating this rich tasting version! I used penne pasta in this dish with a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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Judith said...

I think the plant with the droplets may be a nasturtium. Beautiful pics.