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Friday, 11 August 2017

Ruddington Village Butcher introduces some new cheeses and cooked items to his business.

My local Ruddington butcher, Shane White, is justifiably proud of his latest offerings from the world of cheese. He says “Our around the world in eight sausages was such a success last week we are continuing the promotion this weekend. Also available this week are my stunning new selection of cheeses. These include:

  • Cornish yarg: A mild creamy cheese in an edible rind of nettles.
  • Charnwood smoked: Smoked cheddar cheese with paprika.
  • Innkeeper's choice: Mature cheddar with pickled onions and chives.
  • Lincolnshire poacher: No introduction needed for this delicious tangy cheese.

  • Y-Fenni: Tasty Welsh cheddar cheese with wholegrain mustard and ale.
  • Bouncing Berry: Not a pop star 😄 but a very nice Snowdonia mature cheese with cranberries.
  • Green thunder: A superb Snowdonia mature cheese with garlic and herbs.

  • Red devil: Another excellent Snowdonia cheese.

  • Red Leicester with chilli and crushed pepper. Very feisty.

Also Shane has introduced some cooked items to tempt his customers with traditional English pies and meats and some delicious chorizo slices.

His 'ready to eat' items include:  Scotch eggs, Salami, Chorizo, Finest Cheshire Oak Ham, Cheese and onion quiches, Cheese and tomato quiches, Spanish style quiche and sliced ox tongue.

I popped back in early this afternoon and Shane told me the new items were selling well and he'd had a very busy day in his butcher's shop generally.

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