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Thursday, 3 August 2017

A World of Sausages from Ruddington Butchers in Nottinghamshire.

Passing by my local butcher's shop in Ruddington yesterday I noticed the this A board advertising a range of sausages inspired by recipes from around the world.

Shane White, our friendly Ruddington butcher told me that they are all available from Thursday 3rd August. He calls the selection 'Around the world in 8 sausages.'

  • Lamb merguez: A spicy mix with cayenne pepper , garlic and harissa paste.
  • Ginger and spring onion : A taste of the orient.
  • Maple syrup: Sweet recipe from Canada.
  • Loukanika: Tasty Greek recipe with orange, leeks, thyme and garlic
  • Guinness and leek: An Irish favourite.
  • Hot Italian:Red pepper flakes, fennel, star anise and paprika make for a tasty hot sausage.
  • Spanish style: Tomatoes, red wine, peppers and garlic are just some of the ingredients in one of our most popular recipes.
  • Brazilian Linguica: A tasty recipe with parsley, red wine, smoked bacon and black pepper.

I happily purchased four links of the Loukanika sausages and cooked them with a few young leeks. They were very tasty indeed.

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