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Friday, 28 July 2017

Exploring Porto in Portugal with German friends Lena and Sascha.

Well, how can I put this? I am not actually in Portugal right now, but through the joys of the internet I have been doing some armchair travelling with my two friends from Karlsruhe as they take a short break in Porto in Portugal. Like myself, Sascha likes to take photos and we have a similar taste in the things we photograph.

Lena tells me that, as well as enjoying a few beers and exploring the city and harbour by foot they have been to Sandeman's Port distillery and really liked the delicately flavoured Port.

Yesterday Lena ate Bolinas de Bacalau (salt cod) which she described as 'fried cod fish mixed with smashed potatoes'. I laughed at that and think now that every time I have mashed potatoes I am gonna call them 'smashed'. The Bacalau is the national favourite in Portugal. Lena enjoyed some delicious grilled sea bream with potatoes. Sticking to the fish they also had some sea bass filet again with potatoes and kale.

According to Lena, Sascha doesn't like fish so he had a pork tenderloin steak with salad, chips and mushrooms.

Happy Lena and Sascha in Porto.

They have explored down by the Riberia Rio Douro (Douro River) and Vila Nova de Gaia staying at the Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira. Previously they have enjoyed a holiday in Lisbon but this time wanted to try somewhere new. Looks like they are having a great time.

Photos by Sascha.

Updates! More food pictures sent to me this evening. This is Sascha's steak with a port wine sauce and Lena's grilled octopus.

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