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Saturday, 23 September 2017

What on earth is Spatzle? AND Where have I been?

Hi readers! Yes I am sorry for not posting for a while. Life gets a bit too busy sometimes when I am on my own trying to juggle a full-time job, write for my theatre reviewing website and review plays in the evenings and also attempt to video a few posts for my comedy blog. And read, and research about copyrighting and wash the mountain of pots piling up on the sink and look after my neighbour's cats! Oh and I have had a badly swollen knee. Now much better.

And so to Spatzle. My bag of German noodles is one example of how busy I have been and just eating quick dishes. I did also buy some bratwurst, gherkins and sauerkraut to make a few Germanic meals to write about but the bag of Spatzle still sits un-opened in my cupboard. The bratwurst were from Lidl when Tesco ran out. I ate all six of them over a couple of days.

Back to the last post. You may recall that I was trying to raise £85 towards paying for my WordPress theatre writing site. Thanks entirely to friends I collected just over £100 so my site is safe for another year. In case you don't know what site I am referring to it is

For my comedy blog at I have now completed a total of seventeen funny Donald J Ducky comedy videos and as I love comedy am looking to develop another character called Barry Brisket the Bonkers Butcher from Birmingham. These will be short surreal videos like a vlog using my skills for daftness and accents.

Phil x

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