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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Update on a recent post

I got an email today - actually it came on Monday 11th May but I can be a bit slow at catching up with emails. Regardless, it was one of those nice surprises that one gets from time to time and came from a Mr Hart -managing director of Caffè Nero (London). He had been made aware of my blog post promoting his Angel Row branch in Nottingham and he is sending me some drinks vouchers as a reward.

How nice is that? Thanks so much Caffè Nero.



Janette Jones said...

Well done you. It has to be said, your posts are a fab advertisement for the places you've visited, so it's well deserved!

French Fancy said...

Now that is a good MD. To get a surprise like that - without touting for vouchers - doesn't often happen. Well done

Cheryl said...

That is really nice! A good, sincere review and recommendation is worth at least that.

allnottinghambasearebelongtous said...

Ah but Phil you're compromised now, is this the great cash for coffee review scandal?

Mind you those Caffe Nero peeps do make tasty coffees mm-mm I love 'em (send vouchers to...)


G said...

Next we know he will become embroiled in an expenses row. Goodness Phil!

Seriously my friend, well done. Nice to get some recognition and a little gift of appreciation. You deserve it, and more.

French Fancy said...

You might even end up with a newspaper making you an offer you won't be able to refuse. You'll be paid for sitting around drinking tea - fingers crossed. And then we'll all moan that you've sold out for a currant bun.

Phil Lowe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil Lowe said...

Last commnet removed because I made some spelling mistakes.

Ha ha ha! Cash for coffee. That's great! Anyone reading this outside of the UK need to know that there has been a big fuss made in the press about politians making monetary expenses claims for ridiculous items and claiming for mortgages already paid off.

FF: I would never sell out for a current bun. It would have to be a slice of lemon drizzle cake at the very least.

Thanks too to Cheryl and Janette for your nice compliments. You both know how much I enjoy doing this blog.Always good to get positive feedback. Cheers.

Guy: Cheers mate. If you wanna meet up one day I can get you a free coffee or two. I got ten vouchers!

Emily said...

That is great! It's good when a big corporation recognises that new media such as blogs is fast becoming a great medium for communication with potential customers! Enjoy your freebies.