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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Penny for your thoughts

We all like to people watch and sitting in a cafe can be one of the best places. We hear snatches of conversation from time to time and these can be quite intrigueing but what if we could hear thoughts! There is a buddhist saying that 'we are a result of all that we have thought'. I wonder what these people are thinking. Comments please abstract or funny but not too rude. Enjoy and be creative. For ease of reference call the pictures 1 to 8.


French Fancy said...

1. 'and then I told her *you're dumped*'

2. Wonder what time they pick up the letters

3. Wish I'd got my roots done

4. Is the print getting smaller or do I need an eye test

5. Don't I blend into my surrounding well - we're all grey together

6. Should have shaved this morning

7. I'm alone in a crowd and I would much rather be talking to someone instead of reading the paper

8. Gosh I feel miserable. I'm going to go for a walk. Oh, it's raining - well, I'll just sit and carry on with the paper then

Phil Lowe said...

French Fancy: your comments made me smile big time. They are spot on and exactly what I was asking for! Chouette!

Dedene said...

1. Do I have a hangover!
2. Quiches are too made with eggs!
3. He's thinking, "she need to get her roots done."
4. Where did they put the Dilbert cartoon today?
5. I know I look just like Helen Mirren. Eat your heart out.
6. Blimey, how'd they get that plant to grow?
7. If I keep ignoring her, will she get up and leave?
8. My head itches.

Phil Lowe said...

Nice one Dedene! My head itches now! I'll pop over and ask Helen Mirren if she can massage my scalp. lol

French Fancy said...

hehe - but now your 'stop press' has superceded this excellent post (and Dedene's and my comments). Shame

G said...

1) ....anyway I was in here last week and this really strange bloke kept looking at everyone and writing stuff down....

2)So, do you kiss on a first date?

3)I can't believe she nicked my bloody sports supplement

4)I must see the doctor about this annoying extra head I have growing

5)If anyone else tells me that I look like bloody Helen Mirren, only older, I will scream!

6)I hate having amnesia and deja vu. I think I forgot all this once before

7)As long as I don't have my back to the window, nobody will know that I have 'Big Boobs Monthly' secreted away in this paper.

8)Phils double finally realised that he had been spotted and should have hidden more behind the grey bloke

Yes I know I used a Helen Mirren joke but I only saw it after I wrote mine. Grrr.....

Athina said...

1. How do you solve a problem like Mary?

2. Your cut will be ten percent.

That's too small.

3. Which page shall we tear away?

4. I think I can apply as a janitor.

5. There, there - I love the paper neat and nice before I sip my tea.

6. Hmmmm ... she's late again.

7. Pacquiao won against Hatton? I cant accept it.

8. Leave me alone, will ya?

Marian Barker said...

Nice series of pics. Here's my feeble attempt:

1 Sh! Stop talking about him …. He’s just coming back

2 I spy with my little eye ………

3 I do wish she’d stop stalking me

4. 6 across short sighted (6)

5. I’m sure I read “grey is the new black”

6. To lunch or not to lunch – that is the question

7. It’s good to talk

8. What time does the speed dating start?