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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Italian baked potatoes

Once again out on the streets of Nottingham with Stephen in our 'street photographer' guises we both confessed to feeling tired and worn out from the hot weather over the weekend and early this week. We had a coffee and ambled about a bit with the cameras primed and by 12 o'clock we we were both feeling hungry. Neither of us have much money at the moment - being unemployed as we are - and so we were on the look out for something nice to eat without that something costing us too much. Stephen knew exactly the place - an Italian street vendor just up from Angel Row. Jaime Balageuro (80 + years old) sells fabulous baked potatoes with a variety of filling and they are a mere £1.50! At another vendor in the city centre they are twice that price.

The owner was the politest chap I have ever met - real old school politeness - and I would recommend his baked spuds to anyone. You may have to queue a while and he gets very busy when the offices let loose their staff at lunchtime.

I had the spud with hot chili con carne filling and Steve went for the cheese filling. Both were super and the cheap street food kept a couple of street photographers energised for and afternoon's photography. One thing we both agreed on however was how annoying it can be when someone ahead in the queue has arrived with an order the the whole darned office and you are stood there waiting for ten minutes or more. Lol.


StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Sounds great. Now my budget is a bit tighter that will probably be my port of call for a bit of nosh when I am in town. I can still run to a coffee for my good friends Stephen and Phil though. ;-)

Gail's Man said...

I'm surprised that one or more of my co-workers aren't in your picture, as there are at least 3 people in the queue at lunchtime when I pass the stand.

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of a jacket spud and they ALWAYS taste nicer eaten outside.

Bonfire night was always enhanced by the jacket spuds held in cold hands and dripping with butter.