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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Tame replica of an Italian Market

After attending the real thing and seeing Rick Stein's representations of Italian and Sicilian markets on DVD recently I found the 'Italian Market' somewhat tame over this weekend in Nottingham. The market was accompanying the One World music festival and the stalls had all the right ingredients; cheeses, cured meats, bread and pastries, authentic veg and fruits, wines, olive oils and vinegars etc but there was one thing lacking - the exuberance; the noise, the banter. This can really make the difference from somewhere vaguely interesting in Nottingham to queue for your novel experience of a Sicilian hot dog to going home with a feel for Italian life and Italian passion. Enjoy the pictures without the sounds.


Cheryl said...

All the more reason to visit the real thing, right?
Food does look good , though. Yum!

Dean said...

There looks to be some wonderful food there, I hope you sampled plenty to make up for those of us who had to work today :)

Teashop Girl said...

I would spend all my time at the cheese stall. Mmm.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Merci beaucoup for taking us along on this lovely time at this wonderful market...!
The cheeses and the salumi and sopresetta in the cured meats look beautiful.
Love the image of the guy standing looking over his peppers.

I spent this beautiful blue-skied day at my local Farm Market and bought some gorgeous food. We also ate some delicious food from a truly talented chef at his demo in the park.

Like your day, a my day was one for any foodie to love.

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

It was a little disappointing, the whole event I felt. It was a shame. We could have capitalised on our city's rich cultural diversity so much. Did anyone contact the right people from each ethnic group to get full participation? I don't know. All I cansay is, thanks to the acts that bothered to show and share theirculture through music and dance. This could be a big event and one that brings many different peoples together so they can learn to accept their differences. It was not, sadly. I hope it stays and grows as an annual festival.

As for sampling the food, our dear friend SW summed that up in a thread on flickr "I couldn't afford the mortgage". I bought three pastries, £4.20 !
Times are hard. I would have rather sampled smaller portions of many foods for a cheaper price than to buy a full portion and not be able to afford anything else.