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Monday, 20 July 2009

Abigail's Party

I am delighted to say that I have just been offered the role of Laurence Moss in a Lace Market Theatre production of Mike Leigh's 'Abigail's Party'. It goes on in early October.

On reading the hilarious script and the remembering the social niceties of the 1970s in Britain I'm trying to recall the party foods that seemed so decedent at the time.

Here are a few: please add to the list and I would love to hear of any memories around these party foods and drinks.

Cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks, mini sausages on sticks, fondues, olives (so foreign!).

Pomagne and party cans of beer - seven pint cans.

PS: As I type this in the local library there is a grown man slurping and crunching on a bloody lolly. He is doing my head in! And calm...


Gail's Man said...

Good news. It'll keep you off the streets a bit more!
I've just finished being in a multimedia production about the history of the William Sharp School in Bilborough.

Alas, I was only 7 when the 70's began. I do remember that there was always a fondue set given away on the Generation Game. To this day I've not found out what one is or what you do with it.

Marian Barker said...

Party drinks - homemade "Snowballs" Advocaat, lime juice and lemonade (not forgetting the cocktail cherry!!!)

French Fancy said...

Oh fabulous news - was he the one that was married to Alison Steadman or the husband of her friend?

Emily said...

Quiche? I am a child of the eighties so my memory doesn't go back as far as the seventies. Prawn cocktail?

Cheryl said...

Hurray! Congratulations! What an exciting project to undertake, it sounds like so much fun.

70's food, hmmm...don't remember party food all that well, being pretty young, but I do remember these weird pouch drinks for kids called Zip A Dee Doo Dah's.

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Vol-au-vents with prawn cocktail or chicken supreme filling. Of course the stuff on cocktail sticks have to be stuck into an upturned half potato so they look like a hedgehog with it's spines sticking out.
Blue Nun and Black Tower wine. Babycham and don't forget the Nana Muskouri and Demis Rousoss.
Just ironing my kaftan now.......
Keep me informed of when tickets are on sale, I'd love to come down and see it.

Phil Lowe said...

Sorry for the delay in replying to all your lovely comments. Home computer is running slower than a snail in leg irons.

Some fab 70s nostalia inducing food and drink items here. :0)

FF: I am playing Laurence Moss who is the husband of Beverly (A. Steadman in original production) and has a heart attack each performance.

Guy: The production is on 5th to 10th Oct 2009.

French Fancy said...

Good luck with line=learning.

india said...

and what about the prunes wrapped in greasy bacon and stabbed with a toothpick...angels/devils on horseback, or something?