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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Eating al fresco in the park

No, I have no idea who Al Fresco is (ha ha)but I did enjoy another day at an event in the Arboretum Park in Nottingham this weekend just gone. It was the Nottingham Gay Pride event and a great opportunity to get some fab photos as well as to relax in the one of Nottingham's lovely parks and sample some African food again. Once more I had the jerk chicken and some brown rice and onions with a spicy sauce.

Eating with a plastic fork always proves tricky so I ate most most of the food with my fingers and kept a supply of paper napkins aside to wipe my fingers. I started my meal in the shade of a a tree but the grass was very damp and so I moved out into the sunshine and had the added entertainment of wafting away a rather persistent wasp! The Fosters lager from the beer tent was an extorionate £3.50 per pint, so I went without.

Photographically, I had a super day and even got ten of my images shown on the BBC Nottingham website.


StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Holy Moley! That last pic shows one heck of a heap of meat.
My last neighbour was of Jamaican origin and his wife cooks the most beautiful food. A particular fave of mine are chicken dumplings. Mmmm-mmmmmm... *drools*

Looks like you had a great day and good weather too.
On my next trip to Minnesota I want to focus on food and eateries there so that I can get a blog going. You gotta try cheese curds in beer batter. Yummy!

French Fancy said...

I can almost smell your lunch from here. You know I've always liked eating with my fingers better - unless I'm in a post resto of course (I'm not so messy that way - it's the cutlery that trips me up)

Gail's Man said...

Hi Phillipe, you think £3.50's steep for a pint of lager. I bought one here in Dubai; only a cheap Corona lager & that was a fiver. Someone I was speaking to said that Stella's a jawdropping £8. It's cheaper to drink petrol!

Dubai's authorities have blocked Flicker, so I can't see what you've all been up to, not can I post any of my images. For some reason they think it's unsafe. Probably seen SW's soapbox!