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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Why am I so happy?

I often get comments on the header picture of me in this blog and people generally say 'You look really happy'. And I am. Very happy.

I am often happiest when I am cooking for myself and others and being creative with my writing and photography. I am unemployed, reasonably skint, have no partner and live on my own. All reasons to be a miserable git but then I feel that I have a choice, as Hamlet might have said, 'To be happy or not to be happy.' I choose to be happy and to laugh at life because I believe that is what life is all about. Having fun and caring for others.

On that note I went to a fabulous Caribbean Carnival in Nottingham at the weekend and rejoiced in the colour and joy that the event was all about. Myself and a young photographer friend called Lewis followed the parade all the way and we were tempted to try some jerk chicken as the BBQ smell was driving us mad. There was a lot of Afro Caribbean food on offer including the oddly named 'goat water' and corn on the cob cooked over the BBQ coals.

If you want to get a sample of the day take a look at my pictures on my flickr site.

Additionally you can take advantage of the scratch and sniff picture of the guy cooking jerk chicken below. Just scratch the computer screen on the BBQ image and a smoky chicken smell will permeate your computing space. Don't scratch the guy cooking it as he looked a bit hot and sweaty!


Dean said...

Its always good to try to have a happy outlook, I try but sometimes the day just wears the smile off your face and i have to visit places like this to put it back !
The carnival looked great but i was up at the Warsop carnival on Sunday which of course got a deluge just as it opened, At least it cleared up for the rest of the afternoon. Hope you had a dry and fun filled time though.

Marian Barker said...

Here's a great big hug for a happy chappie!

Keep smiling ~ ton amie ~ Marian x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are keeping yourself amused. The barbecue smells divine!
Sorry that I haven't dropped by in a while, but it's a busy summer!

French Fancy said...

Yes, I'm a happy person too. I heard recently that a happiness gene was discovered about a year ago. My mum was a happy person so I reckon I got it from her.

Your photos always make me feel hungry - I'm so suggestible

StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Don't ask what's in that 'Goat Water'. I saw it made on a River Cottage programme once. It is supposed to improve virility. Hehe.
I had a hot sunny and noisy day at Waddington for the RAF air show. A good day as it was spent with my sons.
Here's to single men who are happy and love cooking *raises cuppa*.
I can vouch for our Phil being a happy chap. We only met the once, so far and had a great chat over a couple of coffee's. We will have to meet up again after the end of the month when everything calms down for me.
The carnival looked great. Glad you and the boy wonder enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Terrific pictures, no need to scratch the pic. Yum Jerk Chicken.

Cheryl said...

I agree with you, happiness no matter your circumstances. Life goes by too fast not to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent philosophy,


StGeorgeOfEngland said...

Indeed it is.
I get so tired of people that say how terrible their lives are when in all reality they are not.
I always know that there is somebody somewhere that is alot worse off than I am.
Reason to be happy #1.
Have a good weekend all.

TheManOfNotts said...

Goat water/Goat head soup (or 'man'ish water as Jamaicans often call it) is fab. I've had it a few times while growing up.

Its sounds dreadful, but it really is nice.