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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Some French Market scenes: Mostly Bordeaux. Enjoy.

Hope that you are not too hungry now. :0)


Dean said...

That was making me feel hungry until it got to Davids Italian sausage on display.
Some great looking food there :)

French Fancy said...

You can't beat a good French market. Seeing the oysters reminds me - I tried them for the first time last week and loved them

Hope you are having a good Christmas


Marian Barker said...

That brought back some lovely memories of our Bordeaux trip.

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: Know what you mean about the David's Italian sausage. Slightly disturbing chap, yet very funny.

FF:You had oysters! cool. Must try them myself sometime. I do love mussels though. Have a good Christmas yourself too with Mr FF.

Marian: I love that market on the quai in Bordeaux and its atmosphere and the day spent with you there was very lovely and memorable. xx