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Saturday, 30 January 2010

So good I went back twice...

There is a once shabby and down at heal arcade called the West End Arcade in the centre of Nottingham which appears to be undergoing an upgrade in style of late. Passing by the other week I couldn’t help observing the appearance of a chic new crêperie establishment called Aubrey’s traditional crêperie. It has been open and doing very good business since September 2009.

I called in for a savoury galette on Friday and it was so nice that I left my calling card with Meg the owner and popped in again early this morning for a late breakfast crêpe. Her venue is tiny but packs in an enormous amount of under stated French style charm. As I was settling down for pre-crêpe coffee a group of five people arrived and we created a space for them by moving two tables and I moved over to the wall table under the quirky mirror and white wall tiles.

My previous days’ galette was a sumptuously warm and unctuously creamy Camembert galette complemented with sliced pear, honey, walnut and leaf although I must admit that I was also severely tempted to try the merguez sausage galette too. It promised to be cooked with Breton cider and served with a cracked egg, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onions. Both items were very reasonably priced and under £5 each.

Meg also advertises that the galettes are naturally gluten and wheat free and made to a traditional Breton recipe. After I had finished today I had a quick chat with her and got the impression that she would return to her training ground in Brittany tomorrow such is her passion for this style of cooking. She also told me that she likes to get her ingredients from authentic sources and keeps a business connection with the critically acclaimed deli, Delilah, in Nottingham from whom she purchases her cheeses as she can be secure in their provenance.

The crêpe that I had for my breakfast there today was delicious and the honey and blueberries and raspberries married extremely well with the fluffy white ricotta cheese filling. A mixed fruity sweetness offsetting the slightly tart flavour of the ricotta cheese filling. Very satisfying.

The crêpes at Aubrey’s can be made with using a dairy free batter on request and the ingredients are locally sourced utilising organic produce.
Overall, a very friendly and authentic experience. I’ll be back. Again.

PS: The West End Arcade is opposite the Library on Angel Row, Nottingham.

PPS: Aubrey's opening times are 10am - 6pm Monday to Saturday.


Dean said...

This place just made the top of my "to visit" list the food looks lovely and the menu mouth wateringly good.
In fact i may try to make time to visit Nottingham this week just for the excuse to grab a coffee and crêpe.

French Fancy said...

What a lovely place that looks like. I bet the galettes there are nicer than some of the places around here. I've got to say it is really not my dish of choice though - they don't fill me up. Okay with afternoon tea but not for lunch (so says little miss piggy here)

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: I think that you really would like it. Who needs an excuse?

French Fancy: It is a sweet little place. I agree that they don't fill you up like a full meal but a very tasty as a snack.

Janette Jones said...

Will definitely visit next time I'm in town - looks yummy!

The Quizzical Observer said...

I must admit I generally rush through the Arcade - mostly on my way to the Dragon public house - but you tempt me to stop off and try a galette before having a pint (the Adnams is usually excellent there).

I stumbled across your blog earlier this evening and have much enjoyed exploring your take on food, life and our city - will drop in again soon.

Gail's Man said...

I might try one, one day, although I'm not sure whether I would like it or not.

Did you manage to get your meat needle/skewer on Friday?

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: We can go together as we spoke about yesterday if you like.

Quizzical Observer: Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments.

Gail'sMan: You are so faddy! lol. Try one you might even enjoy it. No, I haven't had chance to get one yet.

Jean said...

Thanks for the tip - next time we venture south to Nottingham for some proper shopping we will check out this place because I adore galettes. I am surprised they are not served in more places as they are the ideal lunch dish.

mrsjostrutt said...

...yum...definitely making a visit this week...thanks Phil...great blog and pics x