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Friday, 8 January 2010

It's official!! My first blogiversary is today.

Well, pop open the champagne or make yourself a chip butty and enjoy it with a mug of strong tea. It's official!! My first blogiversary is today.

Gosh. From no comments and shy uncertain beginnings to sixty plus followers and over eighteen thousand hits. As I said in the last post, many thanks to all my readers for sticking with me and enjoying my posts.

The weather here has turned and we have had some snow in the UK and the usual problems concerning ' not enough salt/grit to keep the roads and paths clear have become a popular topic on BBC Radio Nottingham today.

Personally, I have been in the kitchen most of the day preparing a courgette tian, a courgette bake including, flat leaf parsely, garlic, parmesan cheese, eggs, boiled plain rice, a lot of fried sliced courgettes, fried onions and button mushrooms. This took about two and a half hours to make and it is now cooling on the oven top ready to be reheated for a guest and myself to enjoy for lunch tomorrow with a baby leaf and vine tomatoes salad. I'm hoping that the snow won't stop my friend from coming over and enjoying a nice cosy meal and a glass or two of red Argentine Malbec wine.

With the weather turning I thought that I would go into the local village Co-op store and stock up on canned goods.

I like to buy their own 'Simply Value' brand tins because the ingredients are fine and a good saving on the branded ones like Heinz. Whilst there today I was astounded to see jars of goose fat amongst the butter and margarine items. Next thing we'll be having kilner jars of duck confit or ready made cassoulet filling the shelves!

I am enjoying cat sitting for my neighbours at the moment. They seem to be enjoying their cat food treats, although one of them turned his little pink nose up at canned tuna. Perhaps I should have opened the tin. Whatever you are doing, keep warm and enjoy some winter fuel in your diet.

Phil x

Disclaimer: This is not one of my neighbours cats kipping in the snow!


the fly in the web said...

I'm going to open one of my coveted tins of beans in goose fat...a lovely cold weather treat.

Ken Devine said...

Congratulations Phil.
I guess people like what you do and how you do it.
The C0-OP is good...with food!

Cheryl said...

Nothing like enjoying comfort food and good company while it's snowing outside.

Congratulations on your blogiversary! Your blog always leaves me feeling happy, comforted, and hungry!

Gail's Man said...

Happy birthday. Tomato soup all round then is it?
We must catch up for a pint & a chat.

Phil Lowe said...

the fly... 'beans in goose fat' sounds intrigueing.

Ken Devine: Thanks very much Kern, like the new picture and you made me smile with your CO-OP advert.

Cheryl: Glad that my blog makes you feel good, and hungry!

Gail's Man: Tomato soup all round it is!! lol. The invite sounds good.

hectoria said...

Congratulations Phil;you continue to keep me entertained with your adventures in cuisine.As for the Co-op we must support its aims, its support of Freetrade & Farm freedom etc.And the wine selection is quite good too.

Marian Barker said...

I couldn't help but notice you taking a leek (or four) in your latest profile pic!!!!

Congratulations ~x~

Dean said...

Happy belated blogiversary day, Hope there are many more to come !

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Happy 1 year blogiversary and many more, cher Phil...!

French Fancy said...

Sorry I'm a bit late to commend you on a year's great blogging, Phil - my foodie friend.

That courgette tian looked great.

Karen said...

Apologies for being so late in commenting, but I stupidly forgot my Google account details. Finally remembered my password. Anyway, congratulations on your Blog Anniversary. It's developed so well - I loved the cafe reviews of the early days, which prompted us to try many places you visited, & I love your enthusiasm for good food. the only problem is, I often visit your blog late at night, & invariably feel very hungry when reading it.