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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blue Food? Would you eat it?

I think that it was in the epic film 2001. A Space Odyssey that I first saw blue food. If memory serves me correctly it was a bowl of blue cornflakes in the ‘everything’s gone loopy’ sequence. You know, after Dave the astronaut has gone into the void with all the colours man. Then he ends up in some kind of room. That’s the bit. Blue cornflakes. Then the foetus in space bit and the end titles. Or maybe that was just all a very weird dream. Anyway. Blue food.

Apparently blue in plants and foods is a warning sign that it could be poisonous and so we naturally shy away from foods that look blue. Apart from blueberries that is. So in a moment of madness I decided to get some blue food colouring and dye a few bits of food to see what it looked like. Even if it was safe to eat I wouldn’t want to eat any of this stuff.

Blue milk on your cornflakes? I think not.

What’s that black monolith doing in my garden?


Marian Barker said...

My mum used to say "blue and green should never be seen" yet I especially love blue flowers.

Interesting post.

Karen once did some tasting tests at a University where they used different colours to confuse the mind and taste buds.

French Fancy said...

Interesting points raised Phil. Someone once baked me a birthday cake using primary colours and it tasted great but I had to look away whilst I ate it. We've all been conditioned too thoroughly I reckon.

Dean said...

Have to eat in the dark :)My boys love blue icing on birthday cakes etc. the problem is I usually have to drag them off the ceiling an hour or so later.

Gail's Man said...

What about dying food pink? Maybe it would look more palleteable, and certainly one for the girls!

Phil Lowe said...

Karen's experience sounds interesting Marian. Would love to know what the results were.

FF: Ooooh, full of primary colours? Nice one. Not suprised you looked away. I would too.

Dean: Must try that blue icing thang sometime. Feeling blue? Blue icing will perk you up!!

GailsMan: You will have the politically pink brigade after you: one for the girls

Chinese porn person: You have been deleted as promised.