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Saturday, 5 February 2011

thank goodness for a big stew and ouch my hand hurts.

I should be at work today but yesterday morning I managed  to injure my left hand lifting part of a cooked meat slicer. Fear not gentle reader as there are no severed fingers, deep lacerations or even minor cuts involved. Originally I thought the injury was a dis-located finger as the pain was so instant and severe. After five hours at accident and emergency the docs seem to think that the injury to the middle finger of my left hand is tendon based. All I know is that it is still painful and swollen and that I have an appointment at the QMC fracture clinic on Monday morning. Doing things with one hand is blumming awkward and cooking is probably off the menu of life for a week or so. This blog post has been typed with one finger. The other hand is freezing from holding a bag of frozen peas against the inflamed finger joints.

Thank goodness that I made one of my mammoth stews the other day and on the evening of cooking tried (for the first time) pan frying some king scallops in butter and a light dusting of black pepper.

steak and kidney cooking with onions and bay leaves

scallops with roes cooking in butter

stew and dumplings with onion and puy lentils

scallops with lemon

Tonight I shall enjoy the last of the stew. Problem is that I now have a plie of washing up to do. Any volunteers?


Jean said...

I remember how difficult life was when I broke my right wrist (I am right-handed) in 1993. So you have my sympathy. So many things that you never think about require two hands.
Re: washing up: sorry, can't help as run out of fairy liquid !!

Phil Lowe said...

jean. jean. jEAN!! I have the Fairy Liquid! please come round and help! I have beer too. Tempted? No? Drat.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

uh oh... poor love... hope you recover soon... those dumplings should help! they look fabulous! x

Peter said...

Hi Phil

I hope the hand is better soon. The scallops look really good. What are the long white things in the stew - it looks like squid!

I made a top chicken and spinach curry from scract last night.

Phil Lowe said...

Dom: the dumplings were fab.very fab.

Peter: The spinach and chicken curry (saag chicken?) sounds delish. the long white things are peeled shallot onions.

Karen said...

If only I lived much nearer, I'd do your washing up in exchange for just one scallop - they are my all time favourite shell fish. In fact, your photo of them is practically food porn as far as I'm concerned.

(pause for drink of cold water to calm myself down....)

Your poor hand, must be hellishly painful. Are you a Brave Patient? I hope so. Many sympathetic & healing thoughts flying from North of the City to South.

Ken Devine said...

I'll send MIL around for washing up...she's no fairy and will probably tell you to get your finger out!
Incidentally, are you accident prone, Phil?