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Sunday, 30 January 2011

haddock fillets marinated in lime and coriander

I made myself a very nice and simple meal the other day. The haddock fillets in lime and coriander came from the fresh fish counter at Tesco and I cooked the fish, in the oven for half an hour in a little butter, at the same as boiling some new potatoes and steaming some vegetables for the last ten minutes of cooking. To finish the dish I added a few pitted black olives. A few chilled glasses of white Chateau Pierrouselle white wine helped the meal turn into a mini event.
a medley of vegetables

ready to go in the oven on a medium heat

Cooked fillets just out of the oven 

 The finished meal


Jean said...

That looks delicious and very sophisticated.
I admire your ability to cook properly for yourself. When my OH is away I am full of good intentions but I never quite manage it.

Ken Devine said...

Looks good Phil and I bet it tasted good, too!

Dean said...

That looks and sounds very nice.
Im actually eating more fish at the minute due to an expanding waistline so im always looking for tasty recipes.
Im into cobbler smoked and plain at the minute its a tasty fishy :)