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Thursday, 20 January 2011

in the depths of the freezer

Had a bit of a clear out of old food in the freezer over the last week. Aside from the remains of a woolly mammoth embeded in the ice at the back and a family of frost bitten refugee peas snuggled in the right hand corner of a frozen Yorkshire pudding, there is little left  that is well out of date. So yesterday morning I got out a bag of frozen meat cubes that could be either lamb or beef. Hard to tell really. Before I came home from work I got myself a jar of curry sauce to make a nice curry with the hopefully de-frosted meat that evening.

When I got home at 6pm the meat had certainly de-frosted but looked greyer than a grey seal wrapped in a grey blanket looking out upon a grey sea on a grey day .

I didn't trust it and the smell was a bit odd. Therefore I dumped it all in the dustbin and went shopping for fresh meat. If I were a caveman I would have spent hours or even days hunting down a wild beastie in neolithic tundra but, in these modern times, I was able to purchase a half leg of lamb from the local Co-op.

To make the lamb curry I boned the leg and chopped it up into stew size chunks and cooked it all in my wok along with some mushrooms, par boiled cubed new potatoes, some sliced tomato and a few pineapple chunks. I also added a spoonful of honey to final part of cooking the meat. I couldn't be bothered doing any rice so I popped a couple of naan breads in the oven for ten minutes.A glass or three of Merlot helped make the event a jolly one and the curry was pretty good and will last me two more generous helpings.

A tart citron with berries made a nice dessert.


Jean said...

The curry looks really good.

Why is it that something that looks as though it should be perfectly recognisable as itself when frozen looks completely different when it's been in there for a while?
One day I will become a really organised person and label everything.
It will never happen !!

Tim said...

I am actually drooling!!

Cheryl said...

Looks really good! You must be an excellent cook.

Gailsman said...

That's where labelling comes into it's own! Simple sticker on the bag/container informing you what's inside. Unless it's been in your freezer that long and it's all frozen over!

Phil Lowe said...

Jean: Thanks Jean. It was good and I finished it tonight (Sunday) so got good value from it. I'm equally terrible at labelling anything.

Phil Lowe said...

Tim: Drool away matey.

Phil Lowe said...

Cheryl: I enjoy my cookery but wouldn't really call myself an excellent cook yet.

Phil Lowe said...

Gailsman: I just knew that you would be good at labelling. :0)

brokenbiro said...

Mmmm... but I always find my tart au Citroen has too many wing mirrors in it. Can you advise?