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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The smoke, Laaandan, daan sarf and other delights, guvnor.

On Saturday 26th Feb I am having a pre –birthday (27th Feb) treat and am going down to London (from Nottingham) on the train for a day trip arriving about 11.30am and returning from St Pancras on the 8.15pm train. I managed to get myself a cheap first class ticket (£43 return) so I shall feel truly spoilt travelling there and back in the posh seats. If you fancy doing the same try www. the

I am meeting up with an old  actress friend called Natalia who I haven’t seen since 1990! We have spoken since on the phone occasionally but it will be great to finally meet up properly and chat over lunch at CafĂ© Rouge in Wellington Street in the heart of Covent Garden.

There are so many exciting things that I would like to do that I simply haven’t got the money for (stop over, see a fantastic show, buy nice things, meet Nat’s partner, do the tourist thang, etc). I have been working quite a lot of overtime of late at Tesco and this is the only reason I can afford to go down to the capital, known up ‘oop norf’ affectionately as The Smoke. Even so money will be tight.

Borough Market. London.

I was considering going to Harrrod’s food hall to stare at the posh nosh and take a few pictures but even more compelling now is the urge to go to the Borough Market which I first heard about through Rick Stein’s programmes. Now I have had a look at their website and through some pictures on the photography website ‘’ I am desperate to go and look around, buy foodie stuff and takes lots of pictures. It closes at five on a Saturday so part of me is reluctant to go when the stalls are looking empty. Oh decisions, decisions.

Scenes from Borough Market activity courtesy of

Would yer look at them there tomatoes!

On my birthday itself my step mum is coming over to Nottingham and we are having lunch at the Broadway cinema where they do a good selection of food for very little money. I hope that she enjoys herself in Nottingham and that I stay awake enough to entertain her during her brief visit to the city of Robin Hood, Lace, Paul Smith, Boots the chemist and overall excellence in sports mixed with spasmodically violent gun crime (allegedly).

On Monday 28th I shall report back from my exciting weekend.Ooooooh! Exciting!


Athina said...

Happy birthday on the 27th Phil. Glad you can go to London on a luxury train. You didn't visit Portobello? I love them tomatoes still on its stems. Very beautiful! And the hanging flowers at the background I think were sweet pea flowers, the same ones I planted in my sister's garden in NZ. Say "hi" to your Mum for me.

Marian Barker said...

Have wonderful time ..... is Monka going with you???

Janette said...

Have a wonderful birthday my friend - pity we won't be in the big smoke at the same time :o(

Tim said...

I love Borough Market!! You'll have a fantastic time if you go there. I ate so much but it was so worth it :)

Phil Lowe said...

Tina: thanks for the good wishes. I haven't been yet so haven't had any chance to visit the Portobello market. I will say 'hi' to mum on Sunday from you.

Marian: Cheers. No Monka is resting at home. He only likes

Janette: Thanks very much Janette. It would have been such fun to go down to London with you. Another time I hope. See ya soon. Phil x

Gailsman said...

Covent Garden is good for photography too. All those street performers, the cobbles, the narrow streets and of course the tourists. A day is nearly not long enough to do everything. So you'll have to discipline yourself with time. Have a great day fellow Pisceian. I don't know yet what I'll be doing, but hopefully it will be fun.

Karen said...

Have a brilliant day in London & on Sunday. And take lots of photos please.