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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A huge surprise and 'merci beaucoup!' to Peter.

What a lovely surprise I had tonight when Peter, one of my blog readers, called me and called in to my home with a surprise gift which he had mentioned in a previous blog comment. And what a fantastic gift! It couldn't have been more fitting for myself as a huge Francophile and lover of French cookery skills (esp the rustic stuff from the South West France).

This book will be fantastic reference book for my current and future cooking. Peter my friend, you are star. The book (book? that's an understatement!) is the Larousse Gastronomique that Heston Blumental describes as 'The definitive culinary reference bible, it is a must for anyone remotely interested in food and cooking.'

Peter, I can't thank you enough. It's fantastic and so very generous.

Peter with my gift.

I know that my kitchen was baking hot when you arrived Pete. I was cooking a pork, chorizo, tomato, onion and parsely stew and tonight I added a new part of the dish for me inspired by Nigel Slater, a carrot and garden fresh mint mash with butter and pepper. I was also was roasting some slices of pepper and fennel in the oven (hence the heat in the kitchen!) to drain and add to the stew for extra depth. It was yummy.



Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

lucky Pete (for getting the chorizo) and lucky you for getting that AMAZING book!

Jean said...

What a generous gift from a star blog friend !! Lucky you.

I look forward to seeing the result of your research into its pages, as you add to your already not inconsiderable culinary skills !!

Peter said...

Hi Phil

I was very pleased to meet you - and recognised you instantly! I know you'll enjoy the book and I shall continue to enjoy the blog. I enjoy the foody bit obviously - but also appreciate your positive outlook on things.

Tonights dinner looked good - very vibrant. I went for a similarly colourful invention of spanish style paprika chicken. Chicken, white beans, garlic, onion, roasted red peppers, tomato, paprika and herbs!

Nice to meet you Phil. Enjoy the book - I may quiz you one day!


Phil Lowe said...

Dom and Jean: I am still smiling at such a generous gesture. I will certainly make the best use of the book that I can. Just don't ask me to do a Julie and Julia!

Peter: many thanks again and I look forward to the quizz.Apart from mine being pork chops chopped up then we had a very similar dinner.

PS: I'm glad my positive attitude comes through. I've been through some very difficult times in the past and thinking and believing in the best life can offer helps to make life fun and worthwhile. :0(

Jean said...

Now there's an idea - a "Phil and Larousse" !! It would make a great blog and you're just the guy to do it. Go on - you know you want to !!!!

khushi said...

Ah lucky you! Your post reminded me of my painful anger at finding my Larousse Gastronomique gone...someone had just picked it/stolen it off my bookshelf.
Hmm...that stew sounds good...:)