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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

things that have appeared in my kitchen this week

black french beans

tarte citron with Chantilly cream

roast potatoes with rosemary

cinnamon bark and star anise

spicy pork chops

spicy pork chops, patatas bravas and black pudding

unwelcome flies

Always welcome cats. Mdme Soufie in the white bib and Mr Harris


Peter said...

Hi Phil

I don't do sweet things really - much prefer savoury things. So, I like the look of the spicy pork chops and the potatas bravas - never fancied black pudding mesen!

So, what is the spicy on the pork chops - I can see star annise and perhaps cinnamon. What else?

Gailsman said...

Bagsy the lemon cheesecake and a cuddle from the cats!

khushi said...

Spicy pork chops....yumm. The black french beans haven't reached our markets yet...perhaps I should check again. And isn't star anise such a lovely spice?

Phil Lowe said...

Peter, the spicy pork chops had star anise, cinnamon bark and blak pepper. That's it.

GM: Aaaah to late tarte citron is gone. Doesn't last long in my house.

Khushi: Star anise is one of my faves and goes so well with pork.

Ken Devine said...

Looks nice...except the fly:) Not surprised the tarte has gone.
On a separate note, do you get multiple images on your header? I'd like to do something similar on my art blog, but don't know how. It looks really good on yours.

Karen said...

About those unwanted flies - we get plagued with them in the conservatory (strange, as we rarely get them anywhere else, even with windows open). Last year our son bought a type of fly killer which looks like a small tennis racket with metal 'strings'. it's battery operated, & the idea is you whack a fly with it, press a small button on the handle and.....(this is the horrid bit)...a small current whizzes through the metal strings & zaps the fly. It does work fast, & you don't get any squishy messes on a window, the sort you invariably end up with if you hit a fly with a newspaper. I still feel rather cruel using it though.