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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oy Veh! Mushy cornflakes with hot milk and an avalance of sugar and frogmen free in the cornlfakes.

My dear old Dad would have been mega confused with this blog post. He liked his daily breakfast  hot and simple, a deep bowl of Kellogg's Cornflakes smothered in sugar and drowned in hot milk. Some for him and some for Misty the cat. I always found his habit of chewing the cornflake mush and passing remnants on to the family cat a bit disgusting  way back in the early 1980s, but hey ho.
As a child of the 1960s I remember the freebies better than the Cornflakes themselves. In one of the previous post I've already mentioned the free toy soldiers but I have another stronger memory of the Kellogg's packets, free masks. Surprisingly I couldn't find any images of the animal masks that you could cut out and construct freely from the back of Kelloggs' Cornflakes packets. I loved them and got terribly confused with the instructions advising 'slip tab A into the back of tab D after folding twice in a complicated origami way etc.' I also remember the less complicated gift of a free frogman toy with every pack of Cornflakes and a submarine that rose and fell to the top and bottom of whatever watery grave you wanted to construct from things in the kitchen.

My step sisters and I would delight in fighting over the Variety packs of  Kellogg's products most days when they appeared on the dining room tables. Happy Days!

Incidently, when I typed in 'variety pack' into Google search for images I got lots that weren't quite what I was looking for, including: Variety packs of Trojan 'groovy sensations' condoms and Groovy Grayola Crayons in multiple colours.

Not Cornflakes

Also, on the offical Kelloggs website, I was offered exciting chances to link onto a variety of food options including: Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher certified, Halhal certified, Low sodium and Gluten free cornflakes. What would me deceased, dear old Dad, Bob Lowe,  think of that. Bless him!

Dad from beyond: Cornflakes IS Cornflakes for God's sake!  Ooops, sorry God, no offence! And by the way, Misty is with me and enjoying heaven. He appreciates endless rock salmon and mushy hot cornflakes, tons of fussing and no fleas or worms, or vets.

As for Misty the cat... well! I think of old Misty in his mortal existence. This sweet natured cat just liked something moist, free, and sugary and a real contrast or alternative to a constant diet of smelly rock salmon from Derby Market Hall. Then, who I am to judge such things? Certainly not a desperate, sugar fixated, cat begging at the family table. Lol.


Gailsman said...

Cornflakes and hot milk, never heard of that before. I can imagine a pregnant woman having a craving for some, but not your dear old dad.

My dad was an egg and bacon man, while my mum enjoyed her toast and a dash of marmalade. Strangely enough it sounds like something our cat would do when the back door is opened!

The one cereal I remember as a kid was Golden Nuggets. Boulder like cereals that were minded by on old bearded man and his faithful horse. They've recently made a comeback. I tried them, but they didn't taste the same. It's all the curries and pints of bear that have done that I think.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

Hot milk and wheatabix is my breakfast treat. Lots of sugar and the milk so hot it hurts. Then you add a dash of cold milk at the end. Glorious!

Jean said...

A thin layer of cornflakes, sprinkled with sugar, floating on a shallow bowl of warm milk was a standard breakfast in my teens. Later I discovered the delights of shredded wheat and warm milk.
Happy days.

Phil Lowe said...

Lots of sugar!? Oooh my teeth ache now!