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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A lamb tagine and scallops with Puy lentils

As part of a cost cutting exercise I bought a half price shoulder of lamb from work on Saturday and made a lamb tagine that will last four or more days if I don't get carried away and pig it all in two or three goes. Nice food cheers me up and I am in need of a good cheering up as the Tax Office have decided to lower the threshhold for Working Tax Credits to 13k thus stripping my income supplement of £120 a month. Plus they want £660 back by April next year. I'm not very happy with this as I just about get by financially with the credits. Without them I will struggle on the wages I earn. I forsee some serious thinking in the weeks ahead.

Anyway, here are some cheery pictures of my cooking. The next blog posts may well be about 'how to survive on spuds alone' or 'the pea and all its many uses'.

I also cooked some scallops as a starter and added some peppery Puy lentils and a small salad of basil and radishes


Karen said...

Well, Poo Stinky to the Inland Revenue. Horrid people. How on earth do they expect anyone to suddenly cope with such a drastic reduction. Seriously, if you have any good cost-cutting examples foodwise, pass them on, as I spend far too much on food ( it's not wasted, I just have vast stores in freezer & cupboards), & really need to buy a lot less.
I feel really cross on your behalf - you work really hard, have a fair distance to travel, yet I bet there are lots of lazy peeps who end up with more money than you. Grrrrr.

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Karen, I expect some of my near future blogposts will be about how I have managed to save money. I don't mean save money ' to spare' I mean save money purely to exist. Thanks for you sympathy. xx