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Friday, 24 August 2012

Au Revoir Cafe Rouge Nottingham.

I had a bit of a suprise last week in ambling down a main, if narrow, shopping street in Nottingham. I was on the way home from work and not paying a great deal of attention when I realised that I was walking alongside the Nottingham branch of the French styled cafe/bistro, Cafe Rouge. Except that the building was no longer the cafe I knew. In fact the tall windows were all whited out and the stylish writing on the windows was no more. It certainly was a moment of confusion. What was happening? A revamp? Closure? I carried on to the bus station and telephoned my best mate Janette to let her know the news. We were quite shocked and saddened.

image by Christopher Frost

My friend Janette and I have often eaten in the cafe and generally enjoyed the ambiance, relaxed atmosphere and the food. Prior to our visits I have been with a large group when I worked at Capital One, with family and friends and on my own a few times. Also when the branch first opened around the early 1990s my ex and I had migrated from the continental style cafe 'Metz' on the edge of Broadmarsh centre (steak baguettes being a favourite) to Cafe Rouge and often had to queue on a Saturday so popular was the new French style venue. We would have gone there a fair few times over the years so much did we enjoy it.

Cafe Rouge describe their branches style as:
“With a combination of delicious food, great wines and a real ambience, CafĂ© Rouge has embodied the style and je ne sais quoi of French dining since it opened way back in 1989. Now with over 90 sites across the country it's just the place to mull over the morning papers with a cafe au lait and a croissant, pop in for a spot of lunch, share a post-work drink or relax over an evening meal. The menu covers a range of French classics from croques and baguettes, ideal for a quick and easy snack, to more substantial fare such as steak frites and boeuf bourguignon. Likewise, the wines are predominately French; many made by lesser known producers, and provide the perfect accompaniment to the food on offer. No hassle, no rush, no skinny- decaff-double-shot-to-go, just a vibrant atmosphere that moves with your moods throughout the day.”
the bar at Cafe Rouge Nottingham
So In Memorium of this branch I give you a few photographs that I hope show the pleasant venue that apparently will be developed into a large branch of Hugo Boss. Thankyou Cafe Rouge for some very pleasant moments and some good food and a fair few times pretending I was in France for an hour or so. We'll miss you on Bridlesmith Gate.


Anonymous said...

. . . that's quite sad - it was a lovely eatery . . . :-(

Karen said...

I don't often go into Nottingham, but on my last visit about 3 weeks ago I assumed Cafe Rouge was having a refit - builders were busy, the inside of the building had been gutted, etc. Then, wanting to check on their latest menue I looked at their website, & realised the Nottingham branch wasn't mentioned any more. A quick phone call to their HQ confirmed it had closed, but I was unable to find out more. It's a shame, as we had enjoyed many meals there. Any idea what is opening instead?

Christopher Frost said...

I've always liked those chairs. I wonder if they've been auctioned off somewhere.

I don't know whay Hugo Boss need another shop, as they already have one opposite St Peter's Church.

Don't think I could even afford to buy a pair of socks in there, as their stuff is so expensive.

Janette Jones said...

Au Revoir, sniff, sniff :o(

Phil Lowe said...

Anonymous... I agree.

Karen: It will be another branch of Hugo Boss sadly. Do we not have enough fashion stores in Nottingham?

Christopher: I guess that the chairs will be sent to another branch.

Janette: I know. sniff.