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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blackberries for free

Sorry to disappoint but I'm not giving away mobile phones today. I'm referring to the kind gift of 'fresh to bursting' blackberries given to me recently by my friend Rebecca. Money is tight at the moment so I took half of the big bowl of blackberries and made them, with some cooking apples, into a pie. I already had the pastry mix in the cupboard.



Karen said...

We usually collect blackberries from hedgerows, they are so tasty & free. I'm amazed more people don't collect them. Not being much good at making pastry I usually freeze them until I get some inspiration. (I still have about 1lb left from last Autumn).

Christopher Frost said...

I don't think that I have ever seen a square fruit pie before.

Trust you to be different!

Looks delicious too. Save me a bit to try!

Jean said...

Much as I dread the end of summer and the threat of winter, I absolutely love this time of year. I spent a lot of my childhood blackberrying with my mother, my aunt and my grandmother. A fearsome female foursome we were and would strip the blackberry bushes bare in an afternoon. Hedgerow blackberries are one of the greatest gifts to mankind from Mother Nature. I love them.

Phil Lowe said...

Karen: maybe just have them with some ice cream or custard.

Christopher: Simply that I have no round dishes. Ooops too late. i have eaten it all.

Phil Lowe said...

A fearsome female foursome! I love that and I do love blackberries. When I was a kid we used to go out foraging too with my family.