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Monday, 22 April 2013

Rack of lamb for supper or lamb lollipops

This is the easiest and most tasty thing you can make for dinner, lunch or supper. A rack of lamb roasted in olive oil with a sprig of fresh rosemary to taste. A rack of lamb will normally do two people or one hungry hog like me.

The cooking takes about fifty minutes dependent on how bloody you like your lamb. I cook with gas so gas mark six is fine. I guess with an electric oven you are looking at 160 degrees.

Obviously you can have whatever you want with this cut of lamb but sometimes I just like to cook one for supper (especially if I have managed to get one cheap from reductions at work). They normally cost about £7 at the time of writing but keep your eye out for cheaper sheep in your supermarkets' reduction bay or the meat counter's special offers.

For the first half hour of cooking I cover the dish in silver foil and then baste the lamb, removing the foil for the final part of the cooking process. You will find that the lamb has swollen during cooking and the aroma as it comes out of the oven is delish. Let it rest for five minutes before eating though.

lamb lollipops? yummy!


Jean said...

Mmmm, it looks yummy. Lamb is a real favourite of this house!

Mind you, I find myself bristling at them being called "lamb lollipops". It's a new trend that just seems silly to me.
There were chicken lollipops on the menu at a nearby pub the other week. I hadn't a clue what it meant and had to ask. The waitress looked at me as if I had just landed from another planet !!

philip lowe said...

I didn't even know there was a trend to infantilise food Jean. I though I was actually being original naming them thus because of the bone being something one could grab hold of whilst enjoying the lamb. Just shows you nothing is new! lol