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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Working title - Bordeaux - a love affair

I am  currently working on publishing a photo journal through featuring over a hundred of my photographs and journal extracts from four visits to the French city of Bordeaux over the years 2006-2010. It will be about my love affair with this most stunning French city.

I am very excited about this project and say big thanks to Paul and Jayne Fletcher-Thomlinson who persuaded me to check out this self publishing site. Watch this space!

                                  Bordeaux - a love affair

I also have other book ideas based on my twenty plus years experience as a butcher.

Phil x

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Christopher Frost said...

Hope it comes off Phil, as I'm sure it will be good

Jean said...

I look forward very much to seeing the result. Your writing is always so amusing and informative.

philip lowe said...

Thank you Christopher.

philip lowe said...

Ta Jean for your positive comments. I want to make it as if someone is sharing the French holiday experience with me although I am keeping photos of me out of it to make it accessible to everyone. The butchers book will have plenty of me in it as well as plenty of meat! ha ha!