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Monday, 8 July 2013

My blog and I appeared in a national magazine today!

As part of Tesco's 'Passion for Food' campaign where all Tesco colleagues have been encouraged to express their passions for food I have been featured in the new July/August magazine and I wanted to share this exciting news with you, my readers. I have even more exciting news further down the line but am not allowed to reveal that just yet! It involves the television...

My recently published book 'Tales from the Block'  has been well received with many of the folk who have purchased a copy including Natalia, a fan from Chelsea in London calling it "Just perfect, friendly Phil, erudite, witty and knowledgeable and the pictures are simply gorgeous. I love it!" Praise indeed.

This image and text below are from an internal Tesco newspaper and at least don't chop my arm off!

I have also just published my second book alongside TFTB and this is a 102 page photo book of the gorgeous  French city of Bordeaux. It features the lovely tempting food markets, the fantastic 18th Century architecture and old streets as well as themes of cycling, quirky French signs, characters of Bordeaux and beguiling restaurants. To flick through this book is an invitation to pay homage to this wonderful city in Aquitaine. There is an introduction in English by myself and a French translation by the owner of Nottingham's French Living restaurant and bistro, Stephane Luiggi and my American friend Michael O'Connor.  Michael is currently resident in France and is an excellent photographer in his own right. Stephane hails originally from Corsica and is a charming French restaurateur in the heart of the culturally vibrant city of Nottingham. Here is a link to the book currently available to purchase. Bordeaux - a love affair. If I may say so myself this is some classy book dedicated to the adoration of my favourite city in the world so far! I would go back there in a heart beat.

This 'from the computer' image is a bit grainy but gives an idea of the Bordeaux - a love affair - cover image.

As well as keeping down a full time job at Tesco I have been writing for a theatre magazine called The Boards (interviews, reviews and articles about their Anglo German twinning events) and reviewing plays independently for Derby Theatre and the website The Public Reviews.

There is also the potential of me doing some advisory videos for Tesco in the form of advising on herbs and spices to use with meats and wine to accompany certain meats and their accompaniments. Hold that page!


Karen said...

I'm seriously impressed....we will go to Top Valley Tesco tomorrow when Steve gets home fom work to grab a copy of their magazine.

Jean said...

Well done, Phil.
I will also see if I can get a copy of the Tesco magazine, so I can impress people with the illustrious compny I keep !!

Christopher Frost said...

Way to go Phil. Good on you matey. You'll be having your own TV series soon. I can see it being called "Phil Your Tums".

Maybe its time I did something more with my photography and blogging. Just don't know what yet