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Friday, 26 July 2013

A very special day, champagne and accolades.

Today I got given a special award for my efforts in the Tesco 'Love Every Mouthful' promotion. It is called a Values Award which thanked me for making a difference and it came with great praise from the store manager Tammy and her manager Paul Parsons. It made me feel very proud and that my passions for food were/are really recognised. I may be unusual in this but I do genuinely love my job and in particular helping the customers with their meat/fish choices and cooking advice. They also presented me with a wonderful bottle of Heidsieck and Co champagne which I have enjoyed drinking this Friday evening. Tea was a simple affair of a big wodge of penne pasta and drenched with a small bottle of pesto sauce and a little butter for some moisture. Easy to put together and very tasty. A great day with a simple finish.

Have a good evening all. x Phil x


Karen said...

Brilliant pressie - youo must be bursting with pride.

philip lowe said...

Yes I am Karen. I keep grinning and wondering what is next. xx