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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Making of Love Every Mouthful video and my contribution.

Well, I guess this is my readers first glimpse of seeing me in action during the 'Making of the Love Every Mouthful video' for Tesco and to hear about Tesco's tremendously inspiring notions about the food they supply and how it is enjoyed by the customers and vicariously promoted and embellished upon by the passionate staff UK wide. As I said in the previous 'enormously popular and over a thousand hits in two days' - blogpost; the day filming the advert was a fantastic experience. Sorry if that last statement sounded like blowing one's own trumpet overly loudly but I do check out the blogposts in terms of the stats and predictably perhaps, this one has exceeded well beyond my expectations. In the filming of my part of this video I actually spoke for a lot longer than the clips shown on the edited version above, but - in a nutshell- they have encapsulated my ramblings and made something coherent from it. Not that I talk a lot. Gosh no.

My belief is that there will be three or four Love Every Mouthful adverts and I will feature in one of them that concentrates on meat. In the last couple of days myself and three other folk involved in the advert from Tesco have appeared on the OurTesco website.

Personally, I am going to be profiled and featured in a Tesco in house magazine called The One and there is the potential for other promotions online and on video for the Love Every Mouthful campaign.

At work I am part of a poster for employees promoting the Love Every Mouthful campaign. I think this has come just at the right time because I genuinely do love sharing food ideas and passions with friends and customers and delight in the fact that they ask me for advice whether it be something I have practiced, have trained in over the years or just read with interest about and retained. I seem to constantly have my head in a book about food or watching  a telly programme live or on bbciplayer. Love it all! As my hero Raymond Blanc is very fond of saying - "Ooh la la! Food! Glorious food! So intense! Hmmm the flavours! The herbs and spices! The taste!"

Well, thank you for watching this short video and taking an interest in my foodie adventures. I'm off to Wales next week to do a Gold meat training course with Tesco - from the field to the table, apparently. So I will be getting down and dirty with the steers and heifers in mid Wales for a while. If the police come knocking Daisy the cow was the one that trampled me first! The rest just followed orders. Daisy will be the one with the mad look in her eyes and denial in her heart. I will be the one with the hoof print on my head!


Karen said...

The film was really interesting - I can't wait for the adverts. My reminder note is stuck on the TV - though Steve was somewhat confused as I'd written 'watch on Tuesday' for some strange reason. The little film has made me feel very hungry (& I've not long ago eaten a huge bowl of salad, with some cold leftover beef from yesterday, followed by a huge portion of home made pavlova) - the passion for food everyone had certainly came across in the clip. And I'm very impressed with your knife sharpening technique. I would never be allowed near a steel with a knife - far to accident prone. Have fun in Wales, it's a lovely country with delicious regional food. And you must try proper Welshcakes from a local bakery.

John Medd said...

Prepare yourself for the hordes of autograph hunters currently beating a path to Beeston.

Christopher Frost said...

Well done Phil. Make the most of your newly found fame.

Peter said...

Hi Phil

Well done Sir!

I haven't posted on the blog for a while but I read em all.

Best wishes


Nicola Preston said...

Can't wait to see your advert - will keep an eye out for it :-)

Was a pleasure meeting you on the Meat Gold Training Course. Hope you had a god journey home.

Will pop on by every so often to see how the star of TESCO is doing and what you have been up to.

All the best.


philip lowe said...

Nicola, lovely to meet you and your friend too and thanks for checking out my blog. I have just got in (about 8.50pm) after leaving Pentre-Bach. Not a bad journey home really. Tomorrow the Nottingham Evening Post are coming to my store to interview me about my role in Love Every Mouthful and I will be on the front page of The One Tesco newspaper from Friday 2nd August. Phil x

philip lowe said...

Karen hi there. Wales was very interesting in terms of why I went. Didn't have any spare time to go shopping though as I was working most of the two days and travelling for twelve hours there and back. Blog post on this pending.

philip lowe said...

John: thanks for your comment. That would be very funny and slightly scary. :0)

philip lowe said...

Christopher, I will if I can find time to.

philip lowe said...

Peter: how good to hear from you again and know that you are still reading my blog. Hope that you are finding it interesting still. x