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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Here it is ... the Love Every Mouthful steak advert in which I appear for Tesco. PLUS short version of advert.

Readers will recall that I went down to London early July after winning a nationwide competition to be part of Tesco's new food campaign - Love Every Mouthful. I won on my passion for food and my love of being a Tesco butcher and sharing food advice on my meat counter and through this blog.

Without further ado... here is the advert. I am the butcher at the end.

PPS: If you are really interested in the process of my experience on the advert shoot. Click this link.

NEW!!!! The shorter version in which you can see my face. Just added 22nd August.


Karen said...

We thought we'd see your face...what a swizz. But at least we know it's your expert hands sharpening the knife. I'd loose the man dancing though - rather annoying. But we rarely watch TV with adverts - we usually watch on catch-up to avoid them.

philip lowe said...

Yes I thought you might see my face too. :0( Never mind all fun. Actually I quite like the dancing man as it adds to the theatricality. Phil x

Christopher Frost said...

What a shame that we don't get to see your handsome features. Still at least you're back on TV after so many years away

philip lowe said...

Christopher: I know. At first I was a bit disappointed but the advert has grown on me and now I'm not that bothered that they have edited it that way. It was a great experience.

Marian Barker said...

I didn't know you could tap dance too!!!!