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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beeston Food and Drink weekend

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The Beeston Food and Drink weekend (19th and 20th October ) and Oxjam music festival was a mixed bag for me. On the plus side the Oxjam music festival managed to raise over £10,000 and it was great to hear and see the various musicians and bands playing around the town and the local Broadgate park. The various street entertainers brought a bit of fun to the high street and market square, especially the madcap French waiters dashing energetically around and about on Friday. The Beeston Tesco Extra supermarket also drew crowds with the taster sessions in store with many people queuing to sample some of Tesco's Finest range foods.

The Yiannis Greek restaurant on Wollaton Road were offering 15% discount for Jan 2014 bookings and other eateries in and around Beeston were offering between 10% and 15% off food over the Food and Drink weekend. The Belle & Jerome establishment on the High Street were doing a brisk trade with their outdoor barbeque.

Whilst I applaud all the positive things happening over this weekend the let down for me was the lack of businesses selling and promoting food and drink on the market square on the Friday - maybe half a dozen stalls and an equally small amount of stalls on the Saturday during what I imagined to be the biggest foodie draw - the farmers' market. Again a very small cluster of stalls on one corner of the market place. I hope that any future events such as this get more support from the stall holders attendant and then the event will be a bigger draw for the folk of Broxtowe.

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