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Monday, 14 October 2013

Introduction to my blog on video

A fun opportunity, via the wonderful world of home video, to say 'hello' to all of my followers from my kitchen in rural Nottinghamshire. If only it was 'smelly vision' as I had just finished cooking some lavender and lemon chicken from a recipe by Rachel Khoo. The kitchen aromas are fantastic!

Life in filming world can be a veritable trial though - mostly connected with sound, occasionally by unexpected visual distraction. Today I had to work around the following and this video took eight takes until I was reasonably satisfied with the result.

  • Noise from the household central heating powering up.
  • Soufie the cat wanting to join in the action and meowing loudly.
  • Random noise and visual distraction from some builders doing a major job four houses down the row.
  • A realisation that I tend to blink a lot when talking and therefore a compulsion to go for another take. Perfectionist that I am.
  • Betty the sweet old dear talking loudly outside my door (getting deafer don't you know) about the inclement weather with another neighbour.
  • Regular traffic noise from Eastthorpe Street as the number 10 bus sails by every ten minutes.
  • The communal gate banging as the postman barges through and distributes his letters to all and sundry along the row of cottages, accompanied by an out of tune whistle and as a percussive finale - an exiting slam. Sans whistle.

I've wanted to do this for a while but previously never had the video camera to achieve a reasonable standard of short film. I hope that you like it. I've used a Sony handycam 8.9 megapixels.

For added information I enjoy documenting the cooking process with photos and now video but I am not a great follower of recipes - if anything I tend to use them as a guide rather than adhere to exact measurements. Plus, like most folk my funds don't always allow for extravagant ingredients so I have a tendency to ignore or put aside for a wealthier day any recipes that call for more than I have in the kitchen cupboard. As I mentioned in the video I do tend to cook dishes like stews and proper curries that last me a few days. This is practical because I am out at work throughout the week and am often tired on return. As I don't have a person to cook for me it can be lovely to just arrive home, stroke and fuss next door's cats and  warm up a stew and settle down to do some more blogging or watch a food programme on BBC iplayer.

Do let me know what you think of the video. Phil Lowe x


Christopher Frost said...

Hi Phil, quite a novel way of promoting ones blog. Don't think I'd do it though, as likely to scare everyone away!

Surprised you didn't put on a chef's hat, or one of those little checked bandanas that Marlon in Emmerdale wears

philip lowe said...

Christopher: Well it's good to have a bit of variety in the presentation don't you know.

Janette Jones said...

Re your 500th pst, please keep your clothes on - thanks, bye!

philip lowe said...

Janette: Too cold for running naked round fields or in me undies unless you pay me oodles of money. x So rude! :0)