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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Winner of Rachel Khoo Competition is ...

Many thanks to the hundred plus applicants who entered the Rachel Khoo competition to win a copy of Rachel's brand new book on French cookery - My Little French Kitchen. There are clearly a lot of Rachel Khoo fans out there and the new book was certainly worth waiting for.

So here were the questions - some harder than others.

A. Which Parisian bookshop did Rachel Khoo work at when she arrived in Paris?
B. At which famous cookery school did Rachel Khoo enrol to learn French cookery skills.
C. Can you now book a meal at Rachel Khoo's Little Paris Kitchen?
D. What is the company name of the fishmonger that Rachel Khoo goes to in her tv programme, Little Paris Kitchen.


A. La Cocotte
B. Le Cordon Bleu
D.Pillet – Saiter

And the first applicant to get all answers correct is - Sinead Dowd of Leeds!!!

Well done Sinead. I'm sure you'll love your prize.

My review of 'My Little French Kitchen' will follow shortly.

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