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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Dreams. Where would you like to be on St Valentine's Day?

Today I announced on Facebook a request for my friends and acquaintances to suggest what they would like to do to celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved one. It went something like this:

"Ok lovers. I want to know where you would like to have the perfect Valentines meal with your beloved. A special restaurant, a lovely French Bistro, at home, McDonalds or in a tent in the middle of nowhere! Be creative.

I'm writing a blogpost about the subject this evening so it would be great to include your answers - surnames omitted if you want. Have a loving day."

In a roundabout way here are the answers I've garnered so far. I have also asked outside of Facebook Face to Face if you like. I have kept the names private by just using the first names. Enjoy.

Lisa: "In our caravan in the middle of nowhere with an M&S meal for two."

Louise: "If I could be whisked off anywhere for a romantic meal today it would be the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. A perfect secluded cosy hideaway on a chilly February evening."

Matt: "On the seafront Herne Bay force ten gale, sleet, rain, bag of chips between two in stale butties and no farting. Either that or Thailand."

Joanne: " I'm a simple gal Phil, but to be stereotypical - decent bottle of red - open fire - lots of food to nibble at - in a cottage or nook in the UK. Not so much a meal as whilst you're trying to talk to someone and gaze into their eyes a full on meal simply gets in the way. But definitely homely, wherever that might be. x"

Abi: "Le Mistral, a beautiful place with a great menu. I like the one in the city centre (Nottingham) but the one in Bakewell is good too."

Gary: " We love Loch Fyne. Every time I have the mussels and Annie eats everything seafood and fishy!!"

Natalia: "Perfect for me would be nice G&Ts in a North Indian/Nepalese takeaway with a few different dishes to share aboard our narrow boat with the wood burner roaring and old Jazz and Swing playing in the background. Crème Brulee for pudding and a nice whisky nightcap. C'est Bon!"

Katy: " A nice romantic picnic on the loving room floor with lots of candles and favourite foods - all prepared by someone else of course!"

I teased her about the 'loving room floor' and she laughed and said she had meant 'living room'.

Marie: " I agree with Katy - a picnic on the living room floor, candles the works and you never know where it might lead! Can't do that in a posh restaurant. Well you could but you might spend a romantic night in the cells hahaha!" "This year will be a romantic year with my dogs. Think they might have better table manners and be more attentive to me than the ex!!!"

Austin: " A real nice Italian restaurant for me. I just need to find someone to agree to come with me!"

Tomas: "My man is happy as long as I give him roses!"

Karen: "I'd choose a meal in the Cwtch restaurant St David's Pembrokeshire. Cwtch means hug or cuddle in Welsh and the food is wonderful and it's a cosy restaurant with a lovely atmosphere followed by, if the tide is favourable, a long walk along white sands beach nearby to walk off all the calories from dinner."

Dot: "Howard and I are going to Annie's Burger Shack for dinner tonight. Heard so many good things about it. I don't mind where we go as long as Howard is with me."

Mick: " We're going to French Living tonight. It's our favourite place to go now. So intimate and I know the owners."

Dan: "If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to a beautiful Italian restaurant in Meredith NH where Katy and I got married. As I can't I'll be cooking a three course meal of roasted veg bruschetta, spaghetti a la ragu,  (home made and no jar crap) followed by cheese cake."

Pete: "Samoa, Fiji or Tahiti on the beach with lobster."

Scott: "A few pints of Strongbow then a kebab."

Lisa: " I just ate at Cape in Hockley. It was delicious."

Nicola: " Can't remember the restaurant but it was in Portugal and we had the most amazing fish. I can't remember the name of the fish, it may have something to do with the great wine!"

Dawn: " Stuff that. I'd rather get me nails done. He's a waste of space."

Bianca: " I would definitely like to be on a beach in Barbados, the sun just setting and the warm sea and everything..."

Vicky: " Me? I would love to be in Mauritius on a beach with lots of lovely food and a nice man." 

And me? Well I suppose it would be somewhere continental where I didn't really understand the language except the universal language of love. (Big romantic softy I know!) And of course there would have to be nice food to nibble on as well as be with a beautiful charming lady, of course. In the meantime I'll cuddle Mr Harris the cat from next door!

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