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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dinner for One starring Freddie Frinton and May Warden. A comedy classic.

This seventeen minute comedy classic is presented by North German Television and is all in English with a short introduction in German. It was filmed in Hamburg and Frinton died five years after the filming. The chap introducing the piece explains that ninety year old Miss Sophie is celebrating her birthday and there are four imaginary guests at the table (the real characters have all passed away). They are; Admiral Von Schneider, Sir Toby, Mr Pomeroy and lastly Mr Winterbottom. All are impersonated/brought to life by veteran comedian Freddie Frinton who plays the butler James. The tiger rug also plays a principal part in the slapstick humour.

This piece started life as a music hall entertainment and nowadays no Sylvester Abend is complete without a viewing of this classic. Even on Lufthansa flights that span over the New Year they show the sketch on the flight screens so that no-one misses it.

As the action progresses and more dishes with accompanying drinks are brought to the table Miss Sophie and the butler James get more and more sloshed with hilarious results. It is so popular in Germany that even little children know the lines in English off by heart. Enjoy.

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Joy said...

I've never enjoyed slapstick so much! Thanks for sharing.
I would like to share it on my blog page...but I don't know how. :P