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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I am a leaflet!!

I know it sounds like a title for a peculiar play like Christopher Isherwood's 'I Am A Camera' but no Tesco have chosen me to be on one of their promotional leaflets. It was originally going to be for beef steaks but they changed their minds last minute and now it is sliders. What? I hear you cry.

Sliders are Tesco's name for mini burgers with various ingredients. If you happen to be in a Tesco store in next few weeks do pick one up. One day you may be able to sell it on Ebay!


Karen said...

Oh, more fame. Well done. I will look for a leaflet later in the week. And I might even attempt to make one.Or two.

Christopher Frost said...

Another piece of Teslowe memorabilia. Well done Phil. Our local celebrity butcher

Jean said...

Fame at last (again!) Phil !!

It won't be long before people are pointing you out in the street and asking for your autograph! Well done!

Karen said...

I finally remembered to collect a leaflet tonight - I'll make the chickpea versions next week.(just for me, as Steve isn't keen on chickpeas....his loss).