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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The miracle of out of date scones

I purchased a pack of four of Tesco's Finest scones a short while ago and the scoff by date on the packaging was 15th May. I kept meaning to eat them before the date and I've been extra-ordinarily busy of late reviewing plays, doing interviews with theatre producers and actors alike for my other blog as well as reading allsorts about WW1 for a theatre project I'm writing and taking to Germany in December this year. Plus I've been reading plays and watching DVDs on the same subject for an article that Sardines magazine have commissioned me to do. Oh yeah and I've been working full time as well. So all in all said scones sat on the kitchen side neglected and forlorn. I'm sure I heard them softly weeping in a Cornish accent during the early hours. I could be wrong.

Today, 27th May I chanced to examine the un-opened pack and assumed that therein would lie many a blue blob and I'm not talking blueberries. How delighted was I to discover - twelve days after the scoff by date - that they were all perfectly edible. They went down very well with a pot of tea and some old blackberry jam from the back of the fridge. Result!

For anyone inspired to make their own scones here are some good recipes.

1 comment:

Jean said...

The interesting thing is that home made scones would most certainly have been inedible after that length of time - probably not mouldy but rock hard and dry.
Which makes you wonder what they put in them to make them keep so long.
Personally I am hopeless at making scones, they start out as rock hard on day one, although I had better success with a batch of Victoria scones using a BeRo book recipe.
Mind you, you can't beat a scone and jam with a pot of tea in the afternoon - yum !!